Interactive game: Surviving Extinction!

Explore prehistoric environments over the past 350 million years, make good decisions to avoid deadly predators, and discover real expedition sites as you chart your own path through time. 99% of all species that have ever existed on Earth are now extinct! Can you survive extinction?

The game is designed for a middle to high school learners.  We suggest you watch the trailer and and read through the play guide (links below).  

The game can take between 3-4 hours to play through. 

What is Surviving Extinction?

Surviving Extinction is a Web-based, immersive learning experience that takes learners on a journey through time as they choose to take on the role of different animals and visually explore the environmental and biological changes that occurred from 350 million years ago to the present. Learners step through fifteen different prehistoric time periods and discover ten modern-day expedition sites in an interactive 360° adaptive learning experience.

Learners must decide which group of animals to follow as their traits change in relation to environmental pressures, ecological changes, new species interactions, and key mass extinctions.

The interactive experience allows learners to explore how certain evolutionary traits may have been beneficial for species survival. Throughout their journey, they hear from real scientists, solve challenges, and attempt to build a path to the modern day while avoiding deadly predators and, most of all, surviving extinction.

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